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Running A Marketing Agency And Being A Mother of 2 | The Mommy Interview Series

Mommy Interview Series_Ashley Richards_L

Scottsdale, AZ , May 26, 2021

Ashley Richards is a mom and owner/founder of E Squared Marketing, a digital marketing agency based in Phoenix, Arizona. She started her agency once she gave birth to her first child and has grown it over the years with clients ranging from local shopping malls to restaurants.


Her staff is also composed of moms so they can attend to their kids while experiencing an engaging career. We met through the Entrepreneur Organization Accelerator program of Arizona where she volunteers on the board! In this interview she shares - How to use an air fryer to make HEALTHY crispy chicken for kids - Her daily ritual to relax and destress every day after work - Her “Hulk” pancakes” that get her kids to eat more spinach! - A hack on ordering groceries online so she can save time - Tips on using rotisserie chicken in creative ways - Her experiences helping her clients get through the pandemic - And more!

Restaurants and Social Media in 2021: Where Eateries Are Most Active

Brizo Blog

More than ever, social media has become a de rigueur marketing strategy for restaurants across North America during these unpredictable times (Pandemic! Hurricanes! Heat waves! Labor shortages!). But as new platforms emerge (TikTok, anyone?) at breakneck speeds, are the big three outlets -- Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram -- still relevant? And, what’s new next? We talked to three experts about their views on restaurants and social media in 2021.

How the boutique digital marketing firm has mastered remote work before it was mandated.

Phoenix, AZ , July 20, 2020

The pandemic has forced many companies to re-evaluate their expectations for their employees' work location. This, however, was no issue for the E Squared Marketing Team. Unlike other agencies who require their employees to report in to an office, this team works completely remotely, adhering to deadlines, not time clocks.

Finding the balance in motherhood and a career.

Phoenix, AZ, July 17, 2020

Raising a child is one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs a mother can face in her lifetime. You learn very quickly how to adapt to an ever-changing environment. Without even thinking about it, you find yourself as an expert at negotiation tactics, time management, effective communication, people management, problem solving, and let’s not forget organizational skills.

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